Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Ways to Give to your Church and other Ministries

Rev. Dr. Dustin Petz, President of the Foundation, provides an in-depth look to ways to give to support your church and other ministries in his presentation 5 Ways to Give. Click here for the link to the full presentation. 

Give Now

Gift of Cash

A gift of cash is one of the easiest ways to support your church, the Foundation, and other organizations. Many organizations have ACH or other electronic, reoccurring giving options.  


Gift of Stock

A gift of stock can be a good way to support your church's ministry and avoid capital gains tax. Stock can be given to the Foundation to be sold and the proceeds sent to your church, or another ministry. The Foundation has no fee for stock transfers to a United Methodist Church. Click here to download the Stock Gift Transfer Form. 


Donor Advised Fund

Due to recent tax changes, one consideration is to clump your giving into a single year. A Donor Advised Fund creates a charitable fund that can facilitate the charitable giving of a family to be distributed over multiple years to your church or to other causes, as you advise. It makes your tax advantaged giving easier. 


Life Income Gifts

Some of the donors who partner with the Foundation seek to receive an income during life, while also supporting a church or organization. Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts are two of the main instruments available, in partnership with the Foundation. Both options provide an income throughout your lifetime, with the remainder/residuum going to support the ministries you care about at death. 


Give Through an IRA

If you are 70 1/2 years old or older and have a Traditional IRA you can give directly to your church through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). This allows you to avoid tax and possibly fulfill the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). An IRA is a great asset to give to your church upon your death. 


Give Through a Gift of Grain

Farmers wanting to take advantage of grain donations must donate the grain directly to the church/charity and cannot sell the grain and order the proceeds be sent. The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation can assist farmers wanting to give the gift of grain directly to their church or charity. It is important that the farmer consults with their professional tax or legal advisors to determine tax implications prior to making the gift. 



Appreciated Assets

Selling appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds, or real estate, can lead to paying large capital gains tax. Through transferring a portion of the assets to the trust, you will receive a charitable deduction for the year and receive income for the rest of your life. 


Give Later

Planned Giving

A key ministry of the Foundation is helping families leave a lasting legacy to their church and to other ministries/causes important to them. You can give a specific dollar amount, a percentage, or the remainder of your estate through your will, trust, IRA, or a life insurance policy. The Foundation is a reliable option to steward your charitable giving to make a lasting impact on generations to come. Finally, the Foundation offers a complementary service with a local attorney to help families design their estate plans.


Designated Beneficiary Gifts

By naming your church, the Foundation, or another charitable organization as a beneficiary on your retirement, investments, or life insurance policy, they will receive a portion or the full benefit of the policy. Make sure to tell the organization(s) that you are naming them as a beneficiary of your account or policy. Please consult your financial advisor and/or insurance agent. 


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